Temporary Staffing Agreement

CONSIDERING that the company wishes to use and temporarily retain the temporary labour services under the conditions set out therein. As a recruitment agent or recruitment company, you cannot control the actions or lives of your hired employees. Maybe they get sick or they have a family emergency. Maybe they don`t have the skills the client needs or aren`t the perfect candidate you thought. If you guarantee that your employee will enter into a contract, the agreement may include high penalties that fall on your shoulders. Either you owe a refund to the customer or you need to find a replacement for free. If a no-show penalty is part of your contract, you may have to pay penalties to your client. Normally, this appears as a certain number of hours that the customer can charge you himself using the stipulated rate of the contract. It also represents a much higher financial risk for you and not for the customer. Also, you need to figure out how to react when they are displayed again. That temporary employment contract (the `contract` or `temporary contract`) defines the conditions governing the contractual agreement between [employers` undertaking] having its registered office [undertaking address] (the undertaking) and [temporary workers] (the `temporary workers`) who agree to be bound by that contract.

This concept is very similar to a contractual guarantee, but it is specific to temporary or contract workers who become “no-shows”. As a human resources agent, you work hard to find reliable and exemplary candidates who meet the needs of your clients. It is very likely that you offer quality employees that you and the customer can trust. But there are many examples showing that temporary agency workers are simply not deployed. `contractual guarantee` means a provision in a contract employment agreement in which the recruitment agent or the personnel undertaking guarantees that a temporary worker terminates a contract. This seems like a level playing field – of course, clients want candidates who can bring quality work and skills that benefit their business, right? The client would expect the candidate to complete the job in turn. But nothing can be guaranteed in a contract unless you can safely control the situation.